As long as big tech email services are getting worse and worse, having your own mail server is a must. Setting up mail server is still a complicated task but it's not much difficult. I can help you with this if you wish.

Alternatively, I can create a mailbox or serve mail for your domain. It's not free but it does not cost much.

Web hosting

Simple hosting for your simple web sites.


Fully controlled DNS services for you. Usually domain registrars provide everything you need, but sometimes they suck too. Especially the biggest ones.


Not for illegal activity. Consider TOR bridge below.

TOR bridge

This is my own trusted TOR bridge. Bridges act as a guard nodes and it's very important to make sure it's not a hacked one. Having your own is a must.


Deploy your own internet services at your trusted location or even on your smartphone and use this service to have a static IP address and route traffic to your endpoint device over VPN.